Update 3.1 to 3.2


  • Make sure you enabled Python 2.7 since Kolab seems not to be ready for Python 3 yet:
$ eselect python list
eselect python list
Available Python interpreters:
  [1]   python2.7 
  [2]   python3.2
$ eselect python set 1


Make sure you replace all keywords from any previous installation with the following!

Kolab Package & Dependencies

=net-mail/kolab-3.2.0 ~amd64
=dev-util/kolab-utils-3.0.5 ~amd64
=dev-php/composer-1.0.0_alpha8 ~amd64
=net-nds/kolab-schema-3.1 ~amd64
=net-libs/libkolabxml-1.0.1 ~amd64
=net-libs/libkolab-0.5.0 ~amd64
=dev-python/pykolab-0.6.13 ~amd64
=app-admin/augeas-1.1.0-r1 ~amd64
=www-apps/kolab-roundcube-compose-addressbook-8.0.4 ~amd64
=www-apps/kolab-roundcube-threading-as-default-20110427 ~amd64
=www-apps/kolab-chwala-0.2 ~amd64
=www-apps/kolab-freebusy-1.0.3 ~amd64
=www-apps/kolab-roundcube-identity-smtp-20121002 ~amd64
=www-apps/kolab-roundcube-1.0.2-r2 ~amd64
=www-apps/kolab-irony-0.2.7 ~amd64
=www-apps/kolab-roundcube-recipient-to-contact-0.3 ~amd64
=www-apps/kolab-webadmin-3.1.5 ~amd64
=www-apps/kolab-roundcube-getmail-1.0.0 ~amd64
=www-apps/kolab-roundcube-listcommands-2.3.4 ~amd64
=www-apps/kolab-roundcube-persistent-login-4.1 ~amd64
=www-apps/kolab-roundcube-contextmenu-2.0 ~amd64
=www-apps/kolab-syncroton-2.2.4 ~amd64

Unstable Mainstream Packages

=dev-python/python-augeas-0.4.1 ~amd64
=net-mail/cyrus-imapd-2.5 ~amd64

389 Directory Server & Dependencies

=net-nds/389-admin-1.1.31-r1 ~amd64
=net-nds/389-ds-base- ~amd64
=app-admin/389-ds-console-1.2.6 ~amd64
=app-admin/389-admin-console-1.1.8 ~amd64
=dev-libs/389-adminutil-1.1.15 ~amd64
=www-apache/mod_nss-1.0.8-r1 ~amd64
=dev-java/idm-console-framework-1.1.7 ~amd64
=dev-perl/perl-mozldap-1.5.2 ~amd64


$ emerge -av --update "=net-mail/kolab-3.2.0"

You might have to set various USE-flags for packages, Kolab depends on. You might want to use:

$ emerge -av "=net-mail/kolab-3.2.0" --autounmask-write=yes

Migrating Roundcube

$ emerge --config kolab-roundcube

Update Configuration

Basically, the configuration is almost fully located inside the Roundcube's config dir i.e. /etc/kolab-roundcube. You could use dispatch-conf or etc-update to update the configuration. But since your existing configuration has been customized during your initial setup using setup-kolab, this might be more than just a simple merge.

Because of this, we prepared a couple of patches for the Kolab config files. You can apply those patches by using emerge:

$ emerge --config "=net-mail/kolab-3.2.0"
Configuring pkg...
 * Do you want to upgrade an existing installation? [Y|n] Y
 * Applying "kolab_auth.inc.php.diff" in "/etc/kolab-roundcube" ...
 * Applying "managesieve.inc.php.diff" in "/etc/kolab-roundcube" ...
 * Applying "password.inc.php.diff" in "/etc/kolab-roundcube" ...
 * Applying "owncloud.inc.php.diff" in "/etc/kolab-roundcube" ...
 * ... already applied, skip.
 * Applying "kolab_folders.inc.php.diff" in "/etc/kolab-roundcube" ...
 * Applying "kolab_files.inc.php.diff" in "/etc/kolab-roundcube" ...
 * Setup done. Rumble young man, rumble!