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 ====== Layman ====== ====== Layman ======
-  * You can get the overlay for Kolab from out GIT repository https://​gitlab.awesome-it.de/​overlays/​kolab.git. ​ 
-  * Unfortunately,​ this overlay was not yet added to the global Layman list, so you have to append our custom overlay list ''​http://​download.awesome-it.de/​layman/​repositories.xml''​ to the Layman config in ''/​etc/​layman/​layman.cfg'':​ 
-<file bash /​etc/​layman/​layman.cfg>​ 
-# URLs of the remote lists of overlays (one per line) or 
-# local overlay definitions 
-#​overlays ​ : http://​www.gentoo.org/​proj/​en/​overlays/​repositories.xml 
-#            http://​dev.gentoo.org/​~wrobel/​layman/​global-overlays.xml 
-#            http://​mydomain.org/​my-layman-list.xml 
-#            file:///​var/​lib/​layman/​my-list.xml 
-overlays ​ : http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/​overlays/​repositories.xml +Our kolab overlay is now in the official overlay listInstallation of the overlay with the help of //app-portage/​layman// ​is as easy as running 
-            http://​download.awesome-it.de/layman/repositories.xml +
-</file> +
-  * Now you can properly add our Kolab overlay using Layman as usual:+
 <code bash> <code bash>
 $ layman -a kolab $ layman -a kolab
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-<note warning>​Please note that there still exists another overlays called "​kolab"​ in the global Layman overlay list. This overlay contains the out-dated Kolab 2 ebuilds that are no more maintained. By adding our custom overlay list ''​http://​download.awesome-it.de/​layman/​repositories.xml'',​ the outdated overlay will be overwritten.</​note>​ 
 <note tip> <note tip>